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A College Degree and a Good GPA Isn't Enough...

It's that time of the year when students are wrapping up the school year and many are seeking their first job opportunity. The job market for recent college graduates with technical oriented degrees like Computer Science, Engineering, and others has been slowing in recent months. It is imperative now more than ever to gain practical work experience through co-op and internship programs while in college. This combination of degree along with practical work experience will set you apart from others when interviewing for that first opportunity out of college.

Hiring for recent grads has slowed across many disciplines and certainly for many IT related positions. Organizations seeking IT talent are looking for experience so a new hire can get up to speed quickly and the cost to train is minimized. A recent graduate with no applicable work experience is someone that will require mentorship and training, both which are expensive to provide.

Our advice? Talk to your college age student about applying for a co-op role or summer internship in their field. Encourage them to gain practical experience that will set them apart from other graduates. This experience will not only provide valuable experience but also life lessons that will give them something to speak about when interviewing for that initial opportunity. As well, many graduates are offered positions with the organizations where they worked as a co-op or intern! At the very least, you may find that a career in your field of study isn't what you want to do and can adjust your studies accordingly.

We applaud those educational institutions that encourage or even require their students to participate in co-op programs. Those educators are truly preparing their students for life after school.


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